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                                      WELCOME TO FLOCKFOOLER.COM 

 After releasing our first DVD"  Flockfooler The Decoy Painting System"  Basic ,four years ago,  We are please  to introduce our brand new DVD "Flockfooler Vol. II".

In our new DVD We go into great detail on how geese actually see with UV vision and how it relates to the geese finding food, picking the right mate, migrating each year, and most importantly how it relates to UV paint on decoys. 

Other misc. topics include how to use less decoys for a successful hunt, how to properly call  less, and how to hide blinds better, all very important topics on the new age of goose hunting. 

Next We show you exactly with great detail how easy it is to properly airbrush your decoys using our new UV  and non UV paints to make your decoys  very realistic. We show how to properly repaint Canadas, Specks, Snows, and Blues.

We are also introducing our brand new line of UV decoy paints under the Flockfooler line of products. 

Since first using UV Paints on decoys 6 years ago I knew I could improve on them giving my background in painting and waterfowl hunting. Well four years later I accomplished that, and after testing  my paints I knew I had found a winner. Our new UV and non UV paints are waterbased, low VOC, low odor, and very durable, 

Easily cleaned up with nothing but water.

They are very unique in the combinations of each color.

And our unique painting system is  based upon layering different colors to achieve a "TRUE" lifelike goose feather appearance on decoys. These paints make decoys come to life just like real geese. 

In fact, the first year We  used  UV paints our goose kill doubled with no other changes. But I knew I could do better. After coming up with these paint formulas and correct color combinations our goose kill again  doubled, with less hunting time, less decoys in the field , less calling, and less work. 

Simply put, with more realistic looking decoys to the real geese you do not have to use as many decoys, or calling to attract them very close.

Your harvest  percentages will improve, along with less long  range shooting and less missing. Too me a finished goose is one or a flock landing right in the decoys before getting shot and that is what I set out to accomplish with our new paints and painting system.

Let's face it. When I go through the work of scouting, burning expensive gas, setting decoys and blinds I have one mindset, to decoy geese in very close and to kill them. I am not out there wasting my time watching hundreds if not thousands of geese fly by just out of range or for time spent with friends in the outdoors.

I have one purpose. TO KILL a LIMIT of GEESE, or as many as possible if no limits.

That is why I decided to improve on the paints on my decoys. I want my decoys to look good enough to fool every goose without anything else as an aid, and I hate pass shooting geese. Their is no challenge in that.

  Repainted Dakota Floater and  Canada Goose
Real Snow Goose Between Two
          UV Painted Decoys
UV Paint on goose rump and real goose 
   A Perfect match of Paint and feathers
Repainted Dakota and Used , Older Dakota
More Repaints Using Our  Unique Painting System